700 Million People Don’t Have Cellphone Coverage

Many people living in rural communities in developing regions can’t make an emergency call. It is either too expensive or unavailable. Our solution at SayCel is an open source cellular system that makes it easier and cheaper for these small towns to have their own communication network. We maximize the use of existing cellular handsets and link customers to high-quality connections to voice-over-IP (VoIP) calls. We work with local governments and provided them a low cost, solar powered turnkey system that allows families communicate to each other, locally and internationally.

SayCel is not a cellular provider but rather a consultant for governments or other groups that need communications infrastructure. SayCel also installs wifi data backhaul, rural fiber, and ethernet over coax. We provide maintenance and training and in return, local governments are able to have a sustainable communications utility that they can use to lower the cost of communication for citizens, increase efficiency in their local government process, improve security through a local 911 service, and assist in growing their local economies.

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